De-boning De-boning

At the root of everything we do are our principles of Quality & Care.

Situated alongside our Slaughter Floor, our Deboning Plant is equipped to process up to 120 tons of deboned product per shift.

Producing a full range of Primal Cuts for major Supermarket Chains, Caterers, Hotels, Restaurants, Butchers and other retail outlets, all our products are vacuum packed and selected products are aged before distribution. Our Deboning plant provides us with the ability to add great value to our products and provide all our clients with the very finest Primal Cuts and other beef products. As well as producing top quality vacuum packed Primal Cuts, the Modified Atmospheric Packaging System (MAP) - making use of a mixture of Oxygen and CO2 - allows us to produce a range of Retail Case Ready Packaged products with a greatly extended shelf life.

Keeping in line with Karan Beef's emphasis on quality, the deboning department was upgraded during the last quarter of 2002. The upgrade consisted of totally replacing the floors, walls and ceilings, to an international standard, which would hold its place with many overseas plants.

The upgrade was made to fit in with our HACCP certification and the department runs the G.M.P. which is in place in the rest of the plant.

We are currently approved to export to the following countries:

1. Hong Kong.
2. The Indian Ocean Islands.
3. The Middle East.
4. African Countries.