From breeder, to feedlot to the supermarket shelf - our daily life is a complex ballet of time and motion.

In order to produce beef of the highest possible quality, we constantly play a delicate balancing game. In meeting the demand for our products we must source and buy up to 1 800 head of cattle every working day.

Having transported these weaners to our feedlot and processed them, they must then be fed and cared for. Every day we feed an average of ten kilograms of mixed rations to each and every animal. During these feedings - which take place three times a day, everyday - our 120 000 strong herd will eat their way through 1 400 tons of Mixed Rations.

Our daily raw material requirements for these rations is delivered to our farm by as many as thirty, 30 ton trucks which bring these raw materials to us from suppliers scattered across Southern Africa.

Then, having been kept in the best condition during their stay at our Feedlot, the cattle must be shipped to our abattoir - again at a rate of 1 200 per day if demand is to be met.

Once slaughtered and processed, up to 390 000 kilograms of the best quality Karan Beef and beef products must be transported to our Distribution Centre for delivery to our customers around Southern Africa and across the globe.

Thus, in order to keep this 'machine' of ours constantly rolling - to meet our clients' demands - we make use of an advanced GPS satellite tracking system to control and monitor our fleet of over 60 trucks as we cover up to six million kilometers every year in a complex web of supply & demand with every stage of the process critical to our ongoing success.