Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

It is our duty to improve quality of life for our staff - after all, our people are the very life blood of our company.

Like any truly successful company in South Africa, we have long recognised the responsibility we have to our staff and their families - and to the communities in which we operate. At Karan Beef we have committed ourselves to a comprehensive and ongoing policy of social upliftment which manifests itself in many different forms and initiatives. In order to provide our staff - and the agricultural workers from the surrounding area - with homes of their own, we donated a large tract of land adjoining our farm to the Tokolohong Home Owners Association. Meaning, quite literally, 'freedom' the Tokolohong Agricultural Village is managed by the association with the homes within the village owned by the workers themselves. Not only does this agri-village feature housing, but also communal areas set aside for growing vegetables and maintaining live stock - allowing the people to take responsibility for their own lives and becoming progressively more self sufficient.

Our medical assistance programme features a day clinic which facilitates primary health care as well as educating the local community about such critical issues as family planning and AIDS awareness.