The Environment

The EnvironmentThe EnvironmentThe Environment

What we must always remember is that everything is connected and as we take from the land so we must be prepared to put back.

Making use of what would otherwise be unproductive land, our nature sanctuary on the Heidelberg farm plays home to one of the widest selections of water fowl found anywhere in Southern Africa.

With both waterfowl and ten species of antelope making this sanctuary their home, it is a truly beautiful place - worth the time and energy we spend in preserving it for future generations. Our wetland also plays a vital part in the running of the farm and also acts as a natural bio-filtration system. Thus we are able to preserve a valuable part of our natural heritage and address very real environmental concerns in a perfectly natural way. This kind of integrated solution is just another example of how the knowledge of generations of farmers can be applied to solve very modern issues.

Our creation of this wetland has, in fact, been so successful that we have applied for the highly coveted RAMSAR status. This would place our wetland under the protection of an internationally agreed Wetland & Waterfowl Convention and make our wetland one of less than 20 such sites in South Africa. We're also in the process of modifying our environmental management system across the Karan Beef Group, bringing ourselves into full compliance with the ISO 14001 rating. By constantly improving our environmental management system we hope to have earned this soon. We're justifiably proud of our environmental record at the Feedlot and at all of our facilities, and believe that projects like the wetland - which is home to thirteen of Africa's 18 indigenous waterfowl species - is worth every cent and every minute that we've invested. At Karan Beef, we understand that the beauty we preserve in this small segment of our farm is our way of returning to the land something of quality, something that will last. Preserving our environment for the generations that will work this land after us.