The Feedmill

The Feedmill The Feedmill

At the root of everything we do are our principles of Quality & Care.

Of course, the care we take in properly feeding our cattle and the quality of what they eat has always been of paramount importance to us. After all, what our cattle are fed during their time at the feedlot significantly influences the quality of the beef we produce. Our Feedmill is arguably one of the most modern of its kind in the world - making extensive use of PLC Technology (Programmable Logic Controls) and the very best support technology available. Our feed recipes are scientifically formulated, from data collected from around the globe, and our mixed feed is produced using ingredients sourced from across Southern Africa to ensure a reliable supply of only the very best quality raw materials.

Capable of producing up to 1 500 tons of mixed feed every day, our computer assisted feeding programme controls the amount fed to individual pens and is monitored on a daily basis. This allows the quantity of feed fed to be varied whenever necessary to suit the specific requirements of the cattle. This highly complex system enables us to accommodate such variables as the physical condition of the animals, prevailing weather conditions and the changing seasons. Our completely computerised operation allows our feedlot section managers to monitor and control the feeding process by making use of the most advanced computer systems and radio telemetry. In this way they are able to make sure that the cattle are always optimally fed. Of course, all our rations are produced using the very best quality raw ingredients and contain no animal by-products whatsoever. The attention to detail required to feed and care for cattle is extensive and our state-of-the-art Feedmill facilities have been designed to best meet the challenges and demands of this essential function.