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Karan Beef Refurbishes its
Factory Outlet at Balfour

In order to meet a growing need from consumers to purchase Karan Beef we have refurbished our Factory Outlet at our Abattoir in Balfour. Focus has been placed on hygiene, product range, appetite appeal and value for money.

All the products available have been produced, packed and labeled under strict supervision in our HACCP certified Abattoir and Processing Plant in Balfour and we offer full traceability on all beef products purchased. Based on consumer demand our key beef products are produced daily to ensure maximum freshness. The product range is fairly extensive and we have also catered for Food Service Clients, Restaurants, and Hawkers.

We also stock a range of whole primal cuts which have been vacuum packed to allow controlled aging and to maximise shelf life. Our Manager will also take orders for non stocked items, offering availability within 48 hours. When visiting our refurbished Factory Outlet, customers will be able to purchase the finest quality Class A Beef, backed up with excellent service and product advice.

Karan Beef Mury Street Balfour

Tel: +27 17 773 4000