Aged Steaks

Aged Steaks
Perfectly aged Karan Beef steaks for maximum enjoyment!

Karan Beef Aged Steaks are produced from the finest quality Class A beef. Taken from specifically selected cattle, these steak cuts have been aged under hygienic conditions for a minimum of 28 days, ensuring maximum tenderness, succulence and flavour.

“People love steak because of the way it makes them feel when they put it into their mouths, because it delivers flavour, tenderness and juiciness in a combination equalled by no other meat. Steak is powerful, steak is reassuring, steak is satisfying, steak is King.” - Mark Schatzker

These premium steaks are currently available in the following popular cuts:

Aged Steaks


The most exclusive and tender cut of beef, thus making it a highly sought after steak on the menu of any leading restaurant.

Aged Steaks


With its robust meaty flavour and coarser texture it is considered to be "the steak" to be enjoyed by meat eaters everywhere.

Aged Steaks


The housewives choice. Due to its uniformity and less coarse texture, it is always a family favourite.

Aged Steaks


The mouth-watering flavour and superior tenderness makes it a favourite worldwide. Originating from the eye of the prime rib its slightly coarse texture ensures a succulent and appetising steak.

Aged Steaks

Cooking Method:

Use meat tongs to turn the steaks


Medium to high heat.
Place the steaks about 10cm above the coals or heat.
Rare: 4 – 7 minutes
Medium Rare: 7 – 10 minutes
Well Done: 10 – 13 minutes

Pan Frying: High heat.

Lightly oil griddle pan and heat till smoking hot.
Do not pull meat away from pan as it will cause fibre damage and loss of meat juices.
Rare: 4 – 8 minutes
Medium Rare: 8 – 10 minutes
Well Done: 10 – 13 minutes


Medium to high heat.
Slash (cut) the fat edges at 2.5cm intervals to prevent curling during grilling.
Place steak approximately 10cm under a preheated grill.
Rare: 5 – 7 minutes
Medium Rare: 7 – 10 minutes
Well Done: 10 – 12 minutes

Cooking Guidelines:

If frozen allow to defrost thoroughly in the refrigerator.
Remove packaging and allow to air at room temperature for about 10 minutes (note: there may be a slight smell on opening which will disappear after a few minutes). This does not affect the quality or flavour of the steak.
After cooking allow to rest for about 3 minutes before serving.

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