Hindquarter Primal Cuts


The topside is removed from the inside of the buttock section of the hindquarter along the natural muscle division from the silverside and from the knuckle. Removal of the topside exposes the femur and the pelvic (aitch) bone is removed.

Topside Silverside

Silverside (Minus Eye Round)

The silverside proper is prepared from the full silverside. Posterior to the silverside lies the salmon cut. The silverside is separated from the salmon cut along the natural muscle division.

Silverside (Minus Eye Round) Eyeround (Salmon Cut)


The knuckle is removed from its position anterior to the femur along the natural muscle division from the topside and from the silverside. The Patella and the Cap Muscle are removed.

Knuckle Rump Conventional

"D" Rump

The tail of the rump extending ventrally from the main rump muscle (centre rump) is separated completely along the natural muscle division and removed. The resulting cut has a 'D' shape.

'D' rump Striploin


The complete fillet is removed from its position on the interior of the lumbar vertebrae extending from the 13th rib to the junction of the femur and pelvic bone.

Fillet Shin (Shank)

Thin Flank

The thin flank is removed anterior to the buttock by following a cutting line through the precrural lymph node, curving dorsally to a point apposite the second last lumbar vertebra, then anteriorly along the loin and parallel to the chine, through the ribs to the quartering cut. Ribs are generally removed.

Thin Flank

Forequarter Primal Cuts

Forequarter Primal Cuts

Ribeye (Cube Roll)

The total fat selvedge and muscles overlying the eye muscle are removed from the prime rib. The eye muscle itself remains, which is termed the Ribeye or Cube Roll.

Ribeye (Cube Roll) Chuck


The brisket is removed by a straight line cut anteriorly from the quartering cut at the junction of the 10th rib and costal cartilage, to the junction of the first rib and the first sternal segment and continuing to the outer surface (anterior edge).

Brisket Brisket Variations: Navel

Brisket Variations: Point

The anterior portion of the brisket left after the removal of the navel is termed the point.

Brisket Variations: Point Bolo

Boneless Crop

The crop is derived from a full boneless forequarter and is what remains after the ribeye; full brisket and shin have been removed.

Boneless Crop Trimmings

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